Business Law

Running a successful small business is hard work; why create extra work trying to become a legal expert.  Whether an initial startup or established business, legal matters require experienced legal counsel.  Hartley Law Office provides decades of experience assisting small businesses from formation to succession planning.  

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At Hartley Law Office, we understand the immense challenges that aspiring entrepreneurs and existing businesses face in today’s dynamic and ever-evolving business and legal landscape. Often, individuals rush through the crucial formation process without giving it much thought, leaving themselves vulnerable to financial setbacks or potential lawsuits. Similarly, established businesses often overlook the importance of protecting their assets through effective litigation avoidance and risk management strategies.

As a trusted business law firm, Hartley Law Office serves as a dedicated advisor and advocate for a diverse range of clients, ranging from small start-up corporations to enterprises with hundreds of employees. We proudly offer our clients in the twin cities region a comprehensive platform of knowledge and experience. Our team collaborates closely with corporations, partnerships, nonprofits, and other business entities to craft realistic business plans and develop effective marketing strategies for long-term success.

Beyond providing exceptional legal representation, we go the extra mile by actively assisting our clients in creating a blueprint for success. Some of the ways we achieve this include:

  • Assessing individual strengths and weaknesses: We conduct a thorough evaluation of our clients’ unique strengths and weaknesses, helping them gain a deeper understanding of their capabilities and areas for improvement.

  • Planning for future growth: We assist our clients in formulating strategic plans that account for future growth opportunities, ensuring they are well-prepared for expansion and development.

  • Finding employees or partners with complementary strengths and weaknesses: We recognize the importance of assembling a strong team with diverse skill sets. Our team helps clients identify and recruit employees or partners who possess complementary strengths and weaknesses, fostering a collaborative and synergistic working environment.

  • Helping develop teamwork: We provide guidance on cultivating effective teamwork within organizations, fostering cooperation, communication, and a shared vision among team members.

  • Handling related pressures associated with business growth: We understand that with growth comes increased pressure and challenges. Our firm offers support in managing these pressures, providing guidance on issues such as scalability, market fluctuations, and operational adjustments.

At Hartley Law Office, our commitment goes beyond traditional legal representation. We are dedicated to empowering our clients with the tools, strategies, and support they need to thrive in the competitive business landscape, positioning them for sustainable success.

Business Law Practice Areas

At Hartley Law Office, we recognize that the road to success for businesses is often paved with challenges and potential pitfalls. It is no surprise that many businesses face failure when critical issues like strategic planning, operational composition, and organizational matters are overlooked. As a trusted name in the field of business law, our primary goal is to offer exceptional legal advice that is both timely and cost-effective. We take pride in our ability to think outside the box and provide innovative, commercially viable solutions to complex problems that impact individuals, families, businesses, corporations, and partnerships across Minnesota.

Our firm specializes in various areas of business law, including:

    • Business and Commercial Law: We provide comprehensive legal services to businesses, assisting with contracts, transactions, negotiations, and other legal matters related to business operations.

    • Business Organizations: We assist clients in forming and structuring various types of business entities, such as corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies (LLCs), and more.

    • Business Planning: Our team helps businesses develop strategic plans that align with their goals and objectives, ensuring a solid foundation for growth and success.

    • Franchise and Business Opportunity Law: We offer guidance and legal support to clients interested in franchising opportunities or exploring business ventures in the franchise industry.

    • Licensing Requirements and Compliance: We assist businesses in navigating the complex landscape of licensing requirements, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

    • Nonprofit Organizations and Associations: Our expertise extends to the realm of nonprofit organizations, providing guidance on governance, compliance, and other legal matters specific to the nonprofit sector.

    At Hartley Law Office, we are committed to serving our clients with integrity and professionalism. Our team is dedicated to understanding the unique needs and challenges of each business we work with, tailoring our legal services to provide the best possible outcomes. With our knowledge and experience in business law, we strive to be a trusted partner in our clients’ journey towards success.