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during my 40-year career as an adjuster, Hartley Law Office stands alone in exceeding my expectations.
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Establishing an estate plan is the most effective method to ensure that your family is aware of your desired intentions.


Allow us to assist and provide guidance as you navigate the responsibilities and obligations of the executor or personal representative position.


We help with the legality of contracts and commercial transactions, and the legal rights and duties of corporate officers and shareholders

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At Hartley Law Office, we go beyond the scope of merely offering wills, trusts, or administration assistance. Our services extend to providing you with an invaluable sense of peace and security. We understand that it’s not solely about determining who receives what, but also about ensuring that your family is fully aware of your desires. With our meticulously crafted and expertly executed estate plans, you can enjoy restful nights, free from doubt or regret. We eliminate any room for second-guessing, “should haves,” or uncertainties, so you can confidently embrace the future.